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Providing Care for an Elderly Parent

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When Your Parents Need Care

Providing Care For an Elderly Parent | Assisting HandsAs our parents age, there may come a time when they will need some type of care. Many adult children decide to try and take on this caregiving themselves. What they may not realize is that caregiving can be a challenge. Depending on the health of your older loved one, they may need help full time or they may be able to still perform some tasks themselves. It is important that any caregiver understands exactly what their parent or client needs. Having this information will help make the task of caregiving as easy as possible. Finding the right in home health care agency is vitally imporatnt to the overall well being of our loved ones.

Before beginning caregiving, sit down and talk with your parent or older loved one. Have a very frank discussion on what the elder is capable of accomplishing and where they will need to have help. Clearly, define what the in-home healthcare Houston services include and what the elder will do for themselves. It is also important to determine if the parent has organized their financial and medical records and that you know where these documents are located. There may come a time when you will need to provide more than just physical support. When this happens, you will need to know the location of all important paperwork such as insurance policies, wills, powers or attorney, and birth certificate. Create a caregiving plan in partnership with your parent. This will help ensure all participants have the same expectations.

Speak Frequently With Your Parent’s Doctor Or Healthcare Provider

This step is especially important if your parent suffers from a chronic illness or has serious health issues. Staying in frequent contact with our parent’s healthcare provider helps ensure you are aware of possible complications and can be prepared if something happens.

Understand Your Own Limitations

There is a saying in the healthcare field that the caregiver’s health often fails before the person they are caring for. Caregiving can be very stressful and will often result in health issues for the caregiver. If you are overwhelmed or feeling extreme stress, seek help. When we try to do everything for everyone, we are no good for anyone. Recognize when you’ve reached your limits so you don’t burn out.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Almost every caregiver will need a respite from their duties. Without some type of break, caregivers can become tired and even depressed. Taking a break provides the caregiver an opportunity to refresh and focus on their own needs. When you feel you need some respite from your caregiving duties, check with local resources for senior care help. There are many agencies that can advise you on finding quality caregivers for your parents. Once you are ready to return to caregiving duties, you can take over the tasks again or work out a plan to share caregiving duties with a senior care agency.

Take The Time To Determine What Type Of In-Home Caregiving Needs Your Parent Requires

Spend time with your parent observing what they are capable of accomplishing and what they may need help with. Taking time understand the needs of your parent will help you create an effective caregiving plan.

As long as you are prepared, serving as the caregiver for your parent can be a rewarding experience. Considering these tips, are you prepared to take on the caregiving role for your parent?

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