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Brand New Technology Makes Seniors A Little Safer

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The elderly American population keeps growing as the baby boomer generation ages. An AARP survey found that 90% of senior citizens would like to remain inside their house as long as possible, which is often extremely tough, but this is all changing.

Dr. Marianne Marcus, 84, understands she is getting older, but she is not prepared to be treated like it.  “I wish to stay in my home with my husband as long as we can,” said Marcus.
She needs to feel safe, and she does not want her children to worry about her — and she definitely does not need web cameras tracking her.

“Web cameras aren’t a great thing,” she said.

“At this time, we’ve got lots of cellular technologies that keep seniors at home in their own surroundings, but in addition link them with their relatives and with their suppliers,” said Dr. Wang.  Smart phone programs like Lose It and My Fitness Pal help screen action and food consumption, and their glucose levels are measured by other uses.

“There’s learning curve at first, however as soon as they get past that, they really adore it,” said Wang.

Doctors also now advocate using well-being observation platforms, such as in home health care and assisted living alternatives where a caregiver could help in conjunction with the software.

“They get this kit, it has a tablet PC and also a package of medical devices. What her team and Morris are excited about is the tracking that is sensory. Detectors may be set any place in the house to course action.

Marcus said she can live with these varieties of technology, have someone assist her with her daily duties, and it means she can continue living by herself.

The team finished at the AT&T Foundry of Connected Health is, in addition, working on fall forecast technology. If there’s a danger of a fall, detectors will detect changes in someone ‘s motion and notify the family.