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A Guide for Returning to Work After Retirement

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How to Return to the Workforce or Volunteer Employment After Retirement

While it has been the focal point of a lifetime of effort, retirement can be a golden opportunity to begin a new phase of life. While many look forward to the idea of a completely free calendar, retirement can be a time to continue in a delightful practice, at a slower pace or even volunteer at many of the rewarding volunteer associations.

“Retirement does not imply absence of work”, according to Paul Magnus, the acting VP for Workforce Development at Mature Services Inc. “Today professionals enjoy an active life that allows them make use of the skills they acquire over a lifetime in an endeavor they feel strongly about, or simply to increase their income”.

Mature Services is an organization of volunteers dedicated to providing training and employment opportunities to the local Ohio population over 55. This organization receives funding from the US Department of Labor.

There is an increasing number of seniors looking to join the workforce once again, this is part of a trend that started several years ago. According to numbers held by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the year 2016 18.8% of Americans over the age of 64 were employed even if only part time. The same agency predicted that this figure could rise to 23 percent by 2022.

As experienced workers, employers value these seniors for their commitment to excellence, punctuality and wise judgements.

Industries Are Calling

What is the best job for a senior citizen? Anything that makes them happy. There are many positions that are especially suited to the experienced worker, including: telemarketing, customer services, volunteer work and entrepreneurship.

Many senior favor jobs in a retail industry. Physical locations have a more flexible schedule and allow the experienced workers to address the needs of customers in a low-stress environment. Seniors who spend a lot of time at a particular store and recognize the other customers should speak with the manager about the availability of schedules and part time options.

Assisting Hands HoustonAnother ideal prospect for seniors looking for employment is a position at a call center, especially during Medicaid or Medicare enrollment times. Experienced workers are valued as they have a high capacity for empathy with customers, baby boomers or fellow citizens and can explain the specifics as they know them well.

For many people at this age, the worthy cause is even more enticing than the pay. Which is another reason retirees often choose to work for a volunteer effort. Life time skills and professional capacity is especially important to this sector and seniors are highly valued. It is also especially convenient as there is a wide variety of needs and opportunities both on a national and international level.

The YMCA has many different initiatives suitable for all age groups. This includes the Active Older Adults program, which allows seniors to participate in special field trips, exercise classes, lunches and other social events. They welcome applications from any age group because when the fit is perfect, it is perfect.

Th Y is always looking for people to fill this capacity for serving the community and improving their corner of the world. Just like the YMCA, there are many different organizations and efforts that could greatly use the experience and perspective of a senior worker with a life of experience. Older Americans who would rather work than retire can volunteer their time and skills at hospitals, food banks, churches and even other senior citizen centers around the country.

Those interested in giving of their time in this way should consider visiting the next meeting being held by a non-profit and shake hands with the other members so as to make their intention known. Meeting with the director or manager of the organization

Seniors are often thirsty for a change of scenery though they would like to remain active in their field of expertise. Local business can be contacted to see what skills are needed and in which capacity. For example, retired police officers can share their knowledge on safety and personal protection and a former teacher could spend time tutoring or substituting for other teachers. With a will to work and desire to help the possibilities are truly endless.

Retirement and Employment

Whether senior Americans would like to work or volunteer, there are plenty of options offered By Magnus to set them up with the opportunities for them.

The first step will be to think about the position you are interested in and prepare a attractive and engaging CV and resume of work experiences for the position they are interested in. Magnus reminds seniors to practice the art of selling themselves. Try to understand the needs of the employer and then become the answer to them. One tip will be to look for keywords commonly favored in this line of work and sprinkle them into your interview.

The next thing you will want to do is make yourself stand out from the others on the job market, recruiters recognize and value vibrancy and this is an important point to sell. Remember that jobs are rarely posted in newspapers anymore. A well-appointed LinkedIn presence is ideal for showing an up-to-date knowledge of the current job market.

Then there will be the interviews for positions. There is a chance that seniors will take a longer time to nail a job. Don’t be discouraged, let your journey to a job be slow relaxed and guided by what you really want to do with your time.

In Conclusion

Studies have shown that those who keep their minds and bodies active through their life live longer than those who take an early retirement. As a senior citizen, it is important to fight the notion that older Americans lose their creativity, productivity and imagination. By working on a task that you love, a senior can create a new beginning that will sail them through their senior years.

Studies have shown that people who work in the later decades outlive those who fully retire. As a senior worker, fight the stereotype that suggests that older Americans lose creativity, imagination and productivity. By working on something they love after retirement, a senior can create a whole new beginning for their golden years.

Assisting Hands Houston services many of like you and your loved ones, and strives to continue being a leading caregiver in Houston. We encourage you to contact us today or call us at 281-540-7400 for any further questions you may have! We look forward to answering them!

What Are The Alternatives To Assisted Living?

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It’s only natural that as we age, some things are more challenging to accomplish on our own. This is the time that many begin to consider an assisted living situation or some type of an alternative. It may be challenging to accomplish simple daily tasks without support from another person. We may suffer from poor balance, loss of vision, memory loss, fatigue, forgetfulness, dementia or even loneliness. Deciding what sort of adult living care situation is best will be a challenging task at best. In this article, we will go over all our options, including assisted living, and which alternatives to assisted living fit out loved ones need’s best!

An assisted living dwelling is a housing facility that offers daily care to the elderly. There is supervision and help with daily activities including dressing, bathing, and meals. Residents are monitored by both the staff and outside services such as doctors. This ensures that the residents in such facilities are safe and well, and that they are being properly cared for. There are several different types to choose from including independent living, assisted living, retirement homes, skilled nursing facilities and more. Each offers a different level of care to the residents.

Everyone wants to be independent anIn Home Care Houston | Assisting Hands | Assisted Living Alternativesd be in control of how they are living and where. Sometimes, this is an ideal solution so that they are properly cared for. One option is an In-Home Senior Care facility. Here, residents will have a Private Duty Caregiver. This person will offer non-medical care to the residents such as preparing meals, grooming, bathing, light housekeeping, transportation and assistance in dressing if required. Services may or may not include care for Dementia or Alzheimer’s patients. Skilled in home health caregivers offer care by nurses, speech therapists, occupational or physical therapists. Respite caregivers offer temporary relief for caregivers who are caring for family and need a short break.

Services may or may not include:

  • Care for Dementia or Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Skilled home health care may or may not off care by nurses, speech therapists, occupational or physical therapists.
  • Respite caregivers offer temporary relief for caregivers who are caring for family and need a short break.

Hospice Caregivers offer care to those who have a terminal diagnosis and require round the clock care. They are familiar with end of life situations and will help to guide the entire family through the process caring for the family at times as well as the patient.

Senior Living Alternatives – Here you’ll find other options such as the following:

Active Adult Communities

Here, there are condos for those over the age of 55. Mobile home parks and apartments or single family dwellings. There aren’t any specific services or amenities provided.

Independent Living or Senior Retirement Communities

Here you’ll find meals and housekeeping services as well as transportation and many activities all included in a monthly fee. There are a variety of services and assistances that are available onsite as required to meet your needs.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs

Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs typically have a “buy-in” fee. They promote aging in place and they offer many amenities such as skilled nursing care, independent living help, memory care and more. They also go a step further and guarantee that you can remain there for the remainder of your life.

Skilled Nursing Facilities or SNF

Skilled Nursing Facilities or SNF offers short-term solutions for sub-acute rehab or long term nursing assistance.

Obviously, each option has its own set of pros and cons. It’s always wise to tour a facility before making a decision. Find out what they do and don’t offer. What would it take to prepare your home as an in-home care residence? What are your payment options? Ask questions, lots of them and find out what your options are before you have to make a decision. Find out if they take Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran’s Aid and other options.

Why Seniors Should Not Live Alone

Many seniors want to remain at home and this is understandable. If they have family that can rotate and is there for them, that is great. However, if they don’t have the support that they require they are at a higher risk for injuries. If you can help your family stay at home, that is wonderful, but keep in mind that you may have to juggle your job, your own family and your own needs to meet their needs. Can you safely do all of this? Be very realistic here.

Even if older adults are healthy, they may not be safe living alone. Houses that were once full of children and busy are now too large for them to care for and clean. There are dangers such as stairs that they can fall down and slippery tiles or tall shelves that they can no longer reach. How about the yard with an uneven terrain? All of these are huge concerns. Poorly lit stairwells or rooms and bathrooms that are too small are huge challenges for the elderly. Just bathing is a challenge as they could fall and no one would be there to help them.

Falling is a huge danger of the elderly as they are at a higher risk for bone fractures and injury. Their balance is off and they fall more easily due to uneven footing and obstacles that weren’t once obstacles such as stairwells and porches.

As we age, we all lose loved ones and friends. This can cause us to withdraw from our social lives. It can also lead to lapses in our own personal care and hygiene. When you’re not caring properly for yourself, it’s time to get help. Living alone may not be the best option for you.

Other concerns are health issues that can be challenging. Disability and disease round this list out and don’t forget that Alzheimer’s and dementia are very real and something to be concerned about.

Some people hate living alone and want to be around others. This may lead to depression, lack of sleep due to night frights, feeling isolated and other risks. Health risks and personal loss are all serious issues to be considered. Managing a household and the finances can be difficult and it may be time to get help.

At our facility, Assisting Hands In-Home Care, we’ve been offering our clients the best possible solutions in the Central region of Florida. We offer reliable affordable solutions in non-medical homes and we know how to help seniors with their daily activities. We have an entire team that are ready to help and supports all of our clients with any issue that you may have.