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The Right Questions To Ask the Agency You Are Looking To Hire

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Questions To Ask A Home Care Agency During An Interview

When your family must decide on home care for a loved one, the main worry is whether that individual will get the best care possible or not. Trusting someone outside of the family with personal but essential responsibilities is a challenge. You have to do the work of finding the best provider on your own so you know when you have found the best caregiver.

Knowing what questions to ask a potential caregiver can be difficult. You and your family also have to be aware of what to watch out for during an interview that may raise red flags. Here is a list of questions to ask that will help your family get the most essential information possible from an in-home care service.

Some companies handle their intake via telephone. Others will do meetings with you in person. Sometimes a fee will apply, so ask ahead of time. With these questions, you will also have a better understanding of how well the service is committed to the individuals they care for. You will have an idea of the customer service they give. A good home care agency will have no problem patiently answering your questions.

Questions About the Business

  • How long has this firm been in home health care?
  • Do you have the state required license? (if applicable)
  • Are you insured?
  • May I see a copy of the insurance declaration page?
  • Are all caregivers bonded?
  • Do your caregivers have workers’ compensation insurance?
  • Who are your references?

Managing Care

  • What does each client’s personalized care plan entail?
  • How frequently do you go over and update the written care plan for a client?
  • How is it that you match the caregivers to the clients?
  • Do you have a set policy for communication between the client and us, the family members?

Selecting and Training of Caregivers

  • What is the process you have in place for hiring caregivers?
  • What kind of background checks do you do, if any?
  • Do checks involve drug tests?
  • Does your home care company provide training for the caregivers? What kind?
  • Do the caregivers take part in regular training and ongoing learning?
  • Can clients interview the potential caregivers and if so, is there a fee to do this?

Company Policy

  • How will you handle complaints about a caregiver?
  • How do you handle requests for new caregivers?
  • Can the caregiver get replaced before another shift?
  • What do you do if there is a no-show or a late caregiver?
  • What is your policy for minimum times and shifts each week?
  • Does your company offer any specialized services?
  • What services doesn’t your company provide?
  • What do you do to handle an emergency?
  • How are after-hours calls handled?


  • What forms do you take?
  • What do you charge for nights, weekends or holidays?
  • How often will we be billed?
  • Do you accept deposits for services?
  • Do you take long-term care insurance?
  • If you accept long-term care insurance do you bill the insurer directly or does the client pay and get reimbursed?

Please feel free to call 281-540-7400 or contact us at your convenience. At Assisting Hands Houston we are looking forward to answering any and all questions that you may have!