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Assisting Hands Home Care
Assisting Hands Home Care
Elder Care
Assisting Hands Home Care
Assisting Hands Home Care
Assisting Hands Home Care
Senior Care

Why Choose Assisting Hands Home Health Care Houston?

You may be asking yourself, “What is the difference between the in-home caregivers at Assisting Hands Home Care and other home health agencies in Houston? Don’t they offer the same senior care Houston services as everyone else?” Let us explain the Assisting Hands difference so you can understand why we are the name looked to for in-home elder care Houston TX.

We provide:

  • Personalized Care: Elderly companionship, Meal Preparation, Med Reminders, Shopping, Errands, Light Housework, Laundry, Bathing and Dressing
  • Trained Caretakers
  • Personalized Care
  • Serving ALL of Houston

What Sets Assisting Hands Home Care Houston Apart?

Each of our owners has their own personal story of caregiving that inspired them to join the Assisting Hands family. They’ve had first hand experience in Houston assisted living facilities, hospitals, and other in-home care Houston facilities, but all of them say that the compassion and quality that Assisting Hands Houston provides is bar none the best that they have ever experienced.

For our Houston Area Representative and founder of Assisting Hands Houston, Terri Robbins, it was her personal story of providing elderly care for her mother while she battled breast cancer herself. Marisol Reyes, founder of Assisting Hands West Houston, also experienced the dilemma of how to help her mother fulfill her wish to live at home after being diagnosed with cancer. She sought professional in-home caregivers she could trust to make her mother’s wishes possible. Glenn Brass, founder of Assisting Hands North Houston, helped lead care giving while serving in several management positions in healthcare related companies, after his 21 years of service in the U.S. Air Force.

Our owners personally know the needs of those seeking in-home care, and have a passion for giving, ensuring their clients are safe, receive the highest quality service, and peace of mind.

You Have Choices When It Comes To Houston Senior Care

In terms of home health care, you do have choices. It’s critical that you make a good choice so that you get proper and high-caliber home health care, whether it’s for yourself or someone you love. The saying goes there’s no place like home, so it’s a good place when you need to heal and recover from things like surgery, illness, or injury. Home is where a patient feels most comfortable, meaning they recover faster, as they are surrounded by the support, love, and attention of friends.

We provide specific services that help enhance the comfort of your home, and we provide an outstanding alternative to assisted living facilities. Home care usually proves cheaper and just more convenient, and most folks prefer to stay in their own known environment if they can when receiving such services. Whether you need some assistance and support or full therapeutic and nursing services, you’re more likely to prefer your elder care happen in the home. In-home health care professionals like ours are highly trained and give our clients a wide variety of home health care services such as speech therapy, nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Our skilled professionals treat both your and family with respect and dignity.

You might ask yourself what the difference is between our home health caregivers and other home health establishments in this market. Doesn’t everyone provide the same services? If you are wondering these thoughts, let us take a moment to illustrate why we’re the preferred name for elder and in-home care in our service area.

Services we provide include the following:

  • Individualized care such as elderly companionship, medication reminders, errands, laundry, bathing, dressing, light housework, shopping, and meal preparation
  • Trained caretakers
  • Surgery recovery
  • Exercise and fitness
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s care
  • Personal care such as hygiene and incontinence issues
  • Respite care to relieve the family
  • Transportation
  • Linen changing
  • Assistance with bills
  • Assistance with VA benefits
  • Pet services and companionship

Our staff and leadership come to our organization from a variety of backgrounds that inspired them to join us. Many of them have participated in the local in-home health care market in other capacities before coming here, joining us because they wanted to provide top-notch care to those that need it, as we want to make a prominent difference in our community. Many who work here are the reasons why we’re the best in the business.

Some of them came on board after seeing how well we treated a loved one in their times of difficulty. They’re grateful for how we help those impaired or injured stay at home through their crisis, or in their aging years. We help the individuals, but also their family, so we not only give care but make things easier for blood relative caregivers already in a situation.

As such, our staff and professionals know what you and your family are going through since many of us have seen it first hand before ever working here. That helps us provide the empathy, support, and personal touch missing from many in-home care services.

We provide an assisted-living alternative to costly hospitalizations or institutionalization into a facility. Our clients get the comfort, joy, and peace of mind that only home and loved ones can bring, as we provide the support and proper care that a busy family with their own lives might not be able to bring about. We hope our clients sleep at night without worrying about the ones they love, and we provide that peace of mind in many ways:

  • Our caregivers go through both state- and federal-level background checks.
  • Our professionals are highly qualified in what they do, as they are cheerful and experienced.
  • Ongoing training is required of our caregivers.
  • We ensure punctual arrival with our clock-in system.
  • We hand-pick our caregivers for each situation.
  • Our elder care services are customized to meet the needs of our clientele.
  • We invite family members to provide input in creating each care plan.
  • We create backup care procedures that rival no one, so you can rest easy knowing that your loved person is not going to miss any caregiver day due to an emergency or illness on part of our staff.
  • Customer service is a premium for us, as your questions and concerns are things we deal with quickly.
  • We use a combination of customer satisfaction reviews, calls, and pop-in visits to make sure our employees are properly field supervised to maintain our operating standards.
  • We make sure that you are going to adore the caregiver we assign to your case. With any base level of service, you get a life alert emergency system to use.

If you or a loved one needs time to recover from an illness, injury, or surgery, and needs in-home health care while recovering in the comfort of your home, then we are the service provider who can give you the professional assistance you need and deserve.

Our Caregivers:

What sets our in-home caregivers apart from other elderly care services or other assisted living Houston, TX agencies? We ensure that our caregivers:

  • Pass extensive National and State background checks
  • Are Professional, Experienced, Cheerful and Well-Qualified
  • Receive Ongoing Training
  • Are monitored by a Clock-In System for Punctual Arrival
  • Are Hand Selected by You Before They Ever Begin Your Care

We Are Bonded And Insured and Licensed with the State of Texas.

Interested in becoming a caregiver or opening your own Assisting Hands franchise? Contact us today.


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