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Paying Attention To These Important Cancer Screenings For Your Loved Ones

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Understanding The Essential Cancer Screenings For Older Adults

We live in an era where we have the ability to take control of our own health and stay healthy.

The American Cancer Society suggests that all individuals should follow the recommendations that they have listed for essential cancer screenings.

This is an important aspect for older individuals as they are more likely to be diagnosed with some form of cancer than other areas of the population.

Seniors and their caregivers should know the various screenings that are available and when they should be scheduled.

Assisting Hands Houston | Cancer Screening For EldersCancer Screenings For Older Adults

Considering that Stand Up to Cancer Day is scheduled for September 9, the following is a list of various screenings that you or a loved one should keep in mind.

Lung Cancer Testing

If you are an active smoker or have quit in the past 15 years, it is recommended that you schedule a lung cancer screening. This type of screening features a low-dose CT scan which will look for early signs of lung cancer. It is essential that you discuss any risks, questions, and benefits with your health care physician or provider.

Colon Cancer Testing

Anyone of the age of 50 should have a colon cancer screening scheduled. This type of screening is covered by Medicare as it specifically searches for pre-cancerous polyps. If these polyps are found early enough, they can be removed before they become cancerous.

There are several different types of cancer screenings that are covered under Medicare depending upon risk factor and the date of the last testing. In fact, the American Cancer Society offers an extensive breakdown of Medicare coverage in these screenings.

Prostate Cancer Testing For Men

A prostate screening is essential but all seniors should talk to their physician about the many benefits and possible risks associated. When deciding upon a screening it is essential to consider overall health and not just age.

Breast Cancer Testing For Women

Mammograms are one of the most important aspects of screening for breast cancer in women. It is recommended to schedule a screening every two years. Women who are at a much higher risk should have one scheduled yearly.

If you are unsure of whether you are at a higher risk for breast cancer, it is best to discuss the situation with a health care provider. Age and family history will play a role in the risk factor.

As women age, the risk of cancer will increase. Some physicians will recommend other tests for those who are at a higher risk.

Cervical Cancer Testing For Women

Cervical cancer testing is essential for a healthy life for women, only if you have not been tested in the past ten years.

Are you still looking for more information about the best types of screenings for various ages?

The American Cancer Society has an excellent timeline that features the recommended ages for various cancer screenings.

Assisting Hands of Houston wants to help you make the best decisions for your life.

Regular cancer screenings are just a small part of a healthy lifestyle. The choices you make with your daily life matter as well. It is essential to consider the choices you make with diets, exercise, and habits, as they affect you in many ways.

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